Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Support the Free Software Foundation

Dear free software supporter,

At the 2007 annual Associate Members meeting held in March at MIT in Cambridge, the FSF board and staff gathered with members from around the world to discuss our activities and the tremendous successes we have had together in the past year. We fought Digital Restrictions Management through our campaign, released version 3 of the GNU General Public License to help neutralize anti-free-software laws like the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and defend against Microsoft's attempts to make free software proprietary through patent promises, released the GNU Affero GPL to support developers building network server software, supported fully free software distributions like gNewSense, backed high-priority software development projects like the free Flash player Gnash, and saw the continued success of our campaign to lift the "Java trap" with Sun's ongoing release of the Java platform under the GPL. Finally, following on from our discussion at the beginning of 2007 with major manufacturers and our release of the white paper, "Hardware Free From Restrictions," general-purpose computers are now available from major retailers with free software preloaded.


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